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14.09.2018 12:55

"Спиннер:Now it is the most popular toy in the world.

Toys that are called powerful spinners, captured not only the West but also Russia and CIS countries.

It seems unusual, take a spinner (from the English. Spin = to rotate) and twist with your fingers. And yet, many such a thing relished.

Today you can buy spinners of any size and shape, and the price can vary from 300 rubles to several thousand. In this collection you will be able to know what powerful spinners today are the most expensive. Amazing what people are willing to spend their money.

10. Spinner “Crusader”
Price: $ 260 (15 500 rubles)


The Creator of this spinner company KASFLY. These toys are sold only under the order and in a closed group in one of social networks. This spinner has a religious pattern, and there are two options – bronze and titanium alloy. The last option is the most expensive, while bronze longer spinning. During rotation of the spinner looks nice, but if you touch rotating ends, you can make skin irritation.

9. Spinner “Turbine Version 3
Price: $ 399 (24 000)


The company Metal Worn began taking pre-orders for its new spinner, made of titanium alloy. The thickness of the toy is 19 mm and the diameter is 5 cm. the name of the toy implies its quiet and rotation.

8. Spinner “Tispin Prop”
Price: 425 $ (25 000 rubles)


Product Titan Ring Designs, in fact, is a small propeller. The toy is made of titanium alloy, used in aviation, but rather to create props. Spinner will not only smoothly and a long time to spin, but will drain your wallet in a considerable sum for such a useless thing.

7. Spinner “Pepyakka-S”
Price: 425 $ (25 000 rubles)


This spinner was created by FromRussiaWithKnives. The company name can be translated as “from Russia with knives”, it is not surprising that in its form it resembles a tool, able at any moment to deprive a person of limbs. This toy is made very serious – it uses 20 of interacting parts, and the system with double bearing for longer and smoother rotation.
This spinner is presented not just as a beautiful toy, but as a “mechanical puzzle” that lovers of spinners are supposed to solve.

6. Spinner “Black Lotus Tri”
Price: 445 USD (26 500 rubles)


If you want a toy that looks like something from the middle ages, then the spinner for you. It was created on a 3D printer and each model of this spinner has a unique design. This model (Sterling Silver) the “fancy”. To create the main part needed to make a model in wax on a 3D printer, to Polish it and to cover tritium powder.

5. Custom spinner of silver 925 sample and spinner from Weiheng
Price: 459 $ (27 500 rubles)


There are 2 versions of this spinner is one of the company Sunnytech and one from Weiheng. Both spinner are identical and cost the same. A special delicacy is betraying them the silver from which they are made. In addition, silicon-nitride bearings provide perfect balance and a long rotation time.

4. Spinner from the company 9 Gear
Price: $ 600 (36 000)


There are many different spinners, developed by 9 Gear, but this is made entirely by hand and can be bought only from the official website. From the name we can understand that the spinner consists of 9 interrelated bearings. Spinner made from brass, which means it will need maintenance, otherwise it will rust. If you want a separate suitcase for your spinner, then get ready to fork out another $ 140.

3. Spinner and stand for cigars Rotablade
Price: $ 600 (40 000)


There are several variations of this elegant and powerful of the spinner, but the most expensive model is made of titanium. Despite its price, it had so many pre-orders that the company has suspended the possibility of early ordering.

2. Spinner “Artifact”
Price: $ 700 (42,000 rubles)


This spinner is not in vain called “Artifact” – it vyglyadit as a work of art that got us from a bygone era. The designer of this toy – Chris Bethat (Chris Bathgate). He spinner is crafted of stainless steel and brass. At the moment the company sold all of its artifacts, despite the high price.

1. Spinner “Steel Flame Ring” is no longer in production
Price range: 500 – 1,500 $ (30 000 – 90 000 rubles)


Abataka derrick (Derrick Obatake) from Los Angeles is a manufacturer of jewelry. When powerful spinners started to gain incredible popularity, he decided to create his own version and called it “Steel Flame Ring” (Engl. “ring in metallic frame”). Created multiple models, each of which had its own unique design. Later it was decided to suspend the production of these spinners.

Since these toys are considered to be rare, the cost of each can reach $ 1,500.

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